Varian Cary 50 Conc Ampliar

Varian Cary 50 Conc

Espectrofotómetro de UV-Vis. Rango de 190 a 1100 nm. Ancho de banda fijo a 1.5 nm. 2 detectores diodo de silicona. Incluye PC completo e impresora. manual de usuario y software Cary WinUV.

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3 150,00 € sin IVA

LAMPS  Xenon

Reproducibility (WAVELENGTH, nm)         0.1

Range (WAVELENGTH, nm)          190-1,100

Precision (WAVELENGTH, nm)     0.5 @ 541.9 nm

BANDPASS, nm (WAVELENGTH, nm)         1.5

OPTIONAL FEATURES (PERFORMANCE)   Accessories for kinetics, temperature probes, fiberoptic coupler, fiberoptic DIP probe, solid samples, thermostated 18-cell changer and tablet dissolution

FORMAT (WAVELENGTH, nm)     Double beam –


220 nm (SCATTERED LIGHT)         <0.05%

340 nm (SCATTERED LIGHT)         370 nm, <0.05%

DETECTOR (SCATTERED LIGHT)   2 silicon photodiodes

Noise at 0 a (SCATTERED LIGHT) <0.0001 @ 500 nm, <0.00015 @ 260 nm

MONOCHROMATOR       Czerny-Turner

WARM-UP TIME, min (WAVELENGTH, nm)            0


DATA MANAGEMENT     Applications for scanning, quantitative analysis, kinetics, enzyme kinetics, thermal melts, routine biochemical assays, plus additional data processing; complete with application development language (ADL) for user programming

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