Buchi R-200

Rotavapor Buchi R-200 con baño Buchi B-490. Velocidad de rotación 20 a 280 rpm. Volumen de muestra de 50 mL a 3L. Condensador vertical. Volumen del baño 4L y rango de Tª  20 a 180 ºC. Display digital control de Tª. Incluye manual. 

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General description

Modular construction makes it possible to configure units from two evaporator models, R-200/205, two vacuum controller models, V-800/V-805, and three different glassware assemblies, all supplied with a standard 24/40 joint on the evaporator flask and a 35/20 ball joint on the receiving flask.

Model R-200 Evaporators:
• 33% smaller footprint than previous models
• Chemically-resistant PTFE/glass vacuum-sealing system lasts up to five years
• Space-saving modular design lets you add integrated vacuum controllers and run preset time/pressure gradients
• Motorized, quick-action servo-jack raises and lowers glassware effortlessly
• Wide-range, PTFE-coated 4L heating bath, model B-490, with digital temperature display, uses oil or water, 20 to 180°C (68 to 356°F)
• Enhanced safety: insulated heating bath, Plastic+Glass-coated glassware, and optional remote control and safety shield
• Process samples from 50 mL to 3 L

Evaporator with vertical condenser assembly
For distilling high-boiling solvents (>100°C). Tap-water-cooled. Inlet feed tube for continuous feed of volumes exceeding flask capacity.

Rotavapor R-200 System Specifications

Rotavapor R-200

AC input

220 V, 50 – 60 Hz


20 -280 rpm


16 -18 kilograms

Temperature Range

+20°C to +180°C


Two-piece cold trap condenser

Capacity Range

50 mL – 3L

Counter Space Footprint

0.14 m²




B-490 Heating Bath


LCD Digital Display


Analog Control Knobs

Temperature range

20 to 180°C

Temperature Accuracy

+ 1ºC



  • Alto 69,7 cm
  • Ancho 54,4 cm
  • Profundo 36,7 cm
  • Peso 21 kg

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