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Agilent 1100 ALS (G1313A)
Agilent Technologies
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The Agilent 1100 G1313A Autosampler is designed for the pharmaceutical routine tasks and quality control, as well as for environmental and food analyses. The G1313A features reliable injections from 0.1 µL to 100 µL with easy adaption for injection volumes up to 1500 µL for applications ranging from microbore to semipreparative chromatography. The HP Agilent 1100 G1313A's low internal volume of 300 µL allows minimum contribution to a system's total internal volume. The system uses overlapped injections for increased productivity with sample capacities of 100 × 2-mL vials in a standard tray, 40 × 2-mL vials in a standard tray, or 15 × 6-mL vials in a half tray. Firmware A.07.02. Maintenance and current/recent verification, carried out by the Official Technical Service.

Agilent 1100 MWD (G1365B)
Agilent Technologies
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Agilent 1100 HPLC G1365B Multi-Wavelength Detector. This MWD offers excellent sensitivity for both single and multiple wavelength detection. This MWD utilizes deuterium and tungsten lamps with a wavelength range of 190 to 950 nm, offering an expanded detection range with lowest detection limit. The G1365B’s diode array design enables simultaneous acquisition of up to eight compound-specific wavelengths for increased sensitivity and selectivity. The programmable slit (1 to 16 nm) also allows rapid optimization of sensitivity, linearity, and spectral resolution.

Agilent 8453 (G1103A)
Agilent Technologies
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Spectrophotometer UV/Vis Agilent 8453 (G1103A). Range wavelength from 190 to 1100 nm. Detector fotodiodoarray. Reading in less than 1 sec. Includes PC with software built-in UV/VisChemstation B4: advanced, biochemistry. Pack dissolution and general. Includes instruction manual.