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Food Analysis

Food Analysis

In this category you can find reconditioned instruments used for food analysis.

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Block Digest 6 Select BH-600
600,00 € Desde

Digestion unit Selecta Block Digest 6. Termobloque of 6 positions (45 to 450 ° C), 2 racks for support of 6 tubes each and a system collector fumes. Includes original manual.

Selecta Memo Digest-6
675,00 € Desde

Digestion unit Selecta Memo Digest-6. Comes complete composed by: termobloque metallic 6-positions connected to the scheduler of process-time/temperature (up to 450 ° C), rack holder with 6 tubes of digestion of glass and collector of fumes.

Selecta Pro-Nitro S-627
1.750,00 € Desde

Distillation of N2 semi-automatic Selecta Pro-Nitro S-627. Determination of organic nitrogen by the Kjeldahl method. Steam generator with a thermostat. Measurement range 0.2 to 200 mg N2. Includes instruction manual.

Selecta Pro-Nitro S627
1.750,00 € Desde

Distillation of Nitrogen-semi-automatic Selecta Pro-Nitro S 627. Determination of organic nitrogen by the Kjeldahl method. Steam generator with a thermostat. Measurement range 0.2 to 200 mg N2. 2 carafes and flasks

Selecta Bloc Digest 6 Rat 2
850,00 € Desde

Block digester for 6 tubes of 42 mm diameter. Uniform warming. Composed by a programmer for time/temperature RAT-2 (45 to 450ºC) with memory for 20 programs of 4 steps (tmax/step 600mins), two gradients of Temperature (Kjeldahl/D. Q. O), alarm, break sensor, acoustic indication and the end of program, RS-232 output. Includes rack with support tube of stainless steel. Includes manual.

Foss Tecator 2006 BD6
950,00 € Desde

Cooker extractor-Foss Tecator. Composed by a termobloque of six positions. Programmer digital of time and temperature (up to 450ºC). Rack six glass tubes (included) that includes manifold fumes.

IUL Masticator Basic 400
IUL Instruments
1.350,00 € Desde

Stomacher IUL Masticator Basic. Bags of 400 ml. Dilution of samples between 10 and 40 g. Motor by induction. Speed of 1,500 rpm. Digital Timer from 15 to 90 sec. 2 pedals. Includes instruction manual.

IUL Masticator Basic 470
IUL Instruments
1.400,00 € Desde

Stomacher IUL Masticator basic blue. Capacity per bag (maximum) 400 ml and minimum 80ml. 250 thrusts per minute. Position of uninterrupted operation. Motor by induction. Speed of 1,500 rpm. A maximum of 10 shocks/s (400ml) Timer from 15 to 90. 2 pedals. Reduction 1:6. Instruction Manual included.

Chamber drying KARTELL
50,00 € Desde

Chamber drying of polycarbonate brand KARTELL. Volume of 9.2 L. Diameter of 25 mm Basket for desiccating agent (not included) and the perforated plate. Does not include valve.

175,00 € Desde

Chamber of anaerobiosis OXOID AG25. Volume of 2.5 L. the Basis of polycarbonate. Does not require a catalyst. Is closed with a lid 4 clips. Includes bags generating atmosphere anaerobic and user manual. NOT AUTOCLAVABLE.