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490 4+4 Platelet-Rich...
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Agregómetro brand new 490 4+4 8-channel Chronolog. Possibility of connecting 2 modules of 4 channels each for a total of 8 channels. Aggregation optics in PRP. LCD screen. Volume shows 259uL. Internal interface AGGRO/LINK®. Software vW CoFactor Opt8. Includes manual. Models in the tab. Contact us for BUDGET SHIPPING 911923737 or

700-2 whole Blood PRP and...
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Agregómetro brand new 700-2 Chronolog 2-channel and 3-methods of analysis: Impedance (whole blood), Turbidimeters (optical) and Luminescence (ATP). Electrodes impedance disposable and reusable. Push-to-line basis and gain. Aggro/LINK8 and vW cofactor software. Includes manual. Models in the tab. Contact us for BUDGET SHIPPING 911923737 or

Agilent 6890N
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Agilent 6890N
Agilent Technologies
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Gas chromatograph Agilent 6890N. Auto-injector 7683 - G2613A. FID Detector G1530N. Autosampler 7683 – G2614A. Includes software Clarity and control data acquisition and full PC.

Agilent 8453 (G1103A)
Agilent Technologies
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Spectrophotometer UV/Vis Agilent 8453 (G1103A). Range wavelength from 190 to 1100 nm. Detector fotodiodoarray. Reading in less than 1 sec. Includes PC with software built-in UV/VisChemstation B4: advanced, biochemistry. Pack dissolution and general. Includes instruction manual.

Apelex PS 304 MiniPac II
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Power supply Apelex PS 304 MiniPac II. Current of 1 to 400 mA. 1 to 300 volts. Display. Audible alarm error in stream. 2 outputs in parallel. Includes instruction manual.

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Bar Line F80 WS flake-ice machine. Maximum 73 kg production in 24 hours, with 25 kg of ice storage capacity. Stainless steel finish. R 134a refrigerant. Legs included. Water cooled. Dimensions: depth – 630 mm, height – 920 mm, length – 530 mm.

BD Biosciences FACSCanto
Bekton Dickinson
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Flow cytometer Beckton Dickinson FacsCanto. It consists of 7 light sensors, PMT, Laser Blue 488 nm and Red Laser 633 nm. Preamps for each PMT. Parameters: (FSC) (SSC), and 6 fluorescence: FL1, FL2, FL3, FL4, FL5 and FL6. Module fluids: BD Facts Shut down, Facs Clean, Sheat Fluid and waste. Software FACs Diva, 2 screens and a computer tower. Includes manuals.

Binder BD23 20 L
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Stove growing Binder BD23. Volume 20 L. Temperature from 25 to 70 ºC. Natural convection. Digital. Timer up to 99 h. Glass door internal. 2 trays.

Bioblock Scientific 1074
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Termoreactor for analysis of COD Bioblock Scientific 1074. Capacity for 8 tubes of 16 mm diameter and 1 tube of 22 mm diameter. Operation to 100 or 145 ºC. Continuous operation or timer up to 120 min.

Biohit EPET 50-1200 µl
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Pipette electronic EPET brand new Volume: 50-1200 ál. A channel. Increase 10ál. Accuracy (+- 0.50%) self-Calibration, microprocessor. Controls are lightweight and ergonomically designed to reduce the risk of RSI. Disposable tips. Charger direct. Pack includes, pipettor, grease, filters and forceps, certification ISO and manual. Left-handed and right-handed

Biometra P25
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Biometra P25 electrophoresis power supply. 4 outputs. Output settings 0 – 500 mA at 0 – 400 V and 0 – 1,000 mA at 0 – 200 V. Max. power 200 W. Operates at constant voltage or current. Automatic crossover to constant current / voltage when reaching set limits. Output adjustable in 1 V or 1 mA steps. Auto resume function ("Auto Restart") after power failure. Large and easy to read LCD display. Short circuit and overload protection.