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Hettich Universal 320
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Hettich Universal 320  Benchtop Centrifuge. Vmax: 15,000 rpm; 21.382g. Capacity 4x100ml. Enviromental temperature +2ºC up to 40ºC. Angular rotor 1420A for 24 tubes of 1,5/2ml. Protector tip. Knob analogic control and digital display (10 settings). Emergency stop. Acoustic alarm. Manual is included.

Selecta Prebatem 2000962
1.750,00 € From

 Low temperature precision incubator. Capacity of 80L. Fan convection. Adjustable temperatures (0 up to 50ºC). Digital reading. Heating and cooling system by semiconductors. 1 shelf. Internal measures 50x40x50. Decontaminated. User guide is included

Memmert BE400
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Memmert Incubator BE 400 with natural convention. Capacity 53L. Nominal temperature 70ºC.  Glass Inner door. Temperature controller and switch module with fresh air controller. Overheat controller. One shelf. Chamber with inner glass door. Maximum capacity 30kg/shelf and 90kg in total. User guide is included.