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Leica UCT 125
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Ultramicrotomo Leica UCT 125. Manufacturing machine knives, table vibration, glass for the manufacture of blades, and support to make knives. Manual included in attachment.

Tecan Freedom Evo 150 MCA 96
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Pipettor fluid for automatic multi-channel Tecan Freedom Evo 150 MCA 96. Arm with head for 96 tips. Ability to pipette 1, 8, or 12 channels. Speed pipetting 10 µl/25 sec. Sample volume 1 – 200 ál. For tips of 50, 100 and 200 µl. Tips, steel washable. Includes PC with software and manuals.

Perkin Elmer Multiprobe II...
Perkin Elmer
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Dispenser liquid automatic Perkin-Elmer Multiprobe II plus. Volume from 100 to 500 microliters. Includes an arm 8-channel, a shaker with 6 positions, PC, software, and instruction manual.