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Thermolyne Locator 8
1.995,00 €
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Container of liquid nitrogen Thermolyne Locator 8. Volume of 110 L. Capacity 1800 vials. Includes 8 racks and cart for transport. User manual.

BioBlue BB.1152-PL
596,00 €
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Binocular microscope Euromex BioBlue BB.1152-PL. Basic range for laboratories and education. Four plane objectives: 4x/10x/S40x/S100x. Plate 150 x 140 mm Objectives, WF10x / 20 mm lighting System NeoLED. Transmitted light. Available models trinocular, objective IOS, and phase-contrast, more information see.

4.250,00 €
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Haematological analyzer. 300 samples with histograms. Throughput 60 samples/h. 2 modes: whole Blood (50uL) with 17 parameters with 3-part differential WBC that include ANC. Pre-diluted vol (20, uL) with 8 parameters (WBC, RBC,HGB, HCT,MCV,MCH, MCHC, PLT. Histograms WBC, RBC, PLT. Syxmex technology. Precision thanks to the discriminators of buoyancy machines.

700-2 whole Blood PRP and...
25.680,00 €
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Agregómetro brand new 700-2 Chronolog 2-channel and 3-methods of analysis: Impedance (whole blood), Turbidimeters (optical) and Luminescence (ATP). Electrodes impedance disposable and reusable. Push-to-line basis and gain. Aggro/LINK8 and vW cofactor software. Includes manual. Models in the tab. Contact us for BUDGET SHIPPING 911923737 or

Hettich Mikro 220
2.850,00 €
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Centrifugal brand new MIKRO 220 microliter. Supports 60 tubes 2.0/1.5 ml per cycle. Maximum speed: 18,000 rpm. Density 1.2 kg/dm3. Temperature Control. System silencer RunSilent™ (≤ 65 dB). Lid with safety lock. Robust and stable. Includes manual. Rotor not included.

Showcase gas FH700
1.875,00 €
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Showcase gas desktop FH700. Active carbon filter and extraction to the outside. Suitable for organic solvents, not suitable for strong acids and strong bases. Work surface 64 cm negative Pressure. Flow rate adjustable from 0.3 to 0.8 m/s. side Walls and rear reinforced glass. Front acrylic with drape folding. Steel frame with painting antibacteria. Work surface with phenolic resin. Bulkhead. LED Display digital. Low level of noise. LED lighting.

Minicabina biosecurity
3.670,00 €
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Mini biosafety cabinet Class II A2. Small size to save space 70x65x123cm (LxFxA). Turbine centrifuge with adjustable speed. Speed of upward flow 0.53±0.025 m/s, descending 0.33±0.025 m/s. air Recirculation 30/70. HEPA filter H14. Front window motorized. Interior of stainless steel. White light and UV germicidal. Two outlets inside. Remote control. LCD Display with indicators of air flow, temperature and humidity of the work area, pressure filter, hours of the UV light, hours of use of the filter. Alarms air flow incorrect, replacement of filter and height of the front window. Optional: support structure (+250 €).

Delta Ohm HD 9214
70,00 €
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Temperature Sensor with rtd Delta Ohm. Memory dual. Screen digital LED indicating the indoor temperature (indoor) and exterior (outdoor). Manual selection of measurement in ºC or ºF. Reset button and establishment of maximum and minimum.

Block Digest 6 Select BH-600
600,00 €
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Digestion unit Selecta Block Digest 6. Termobloque of 6 positions (45 to 450 ° C), 2 racks for support of 6 tubes each and a system collector fumes. Includes original manual.

bScope BS.3153-EPLI
2.767,00 €
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Microscope trinocular bScope BS.3153-EPLI for fluorescence LED, HWF 10x / 22 mm eyepieces and five-slide plan EPLi 4/10 / S40 / S100x oil objectives corrected to infinity, stage 131 x 152/197 mm with built-in mechanical stage with X-And without rack 77 x 36 mm 3 W NeoLED ™ Kohler illumination and integrated power supply. Fixation of fluorescence with 4 LED for excitation (B, G, V and UV, 4 sets of filters. Supplied without rechargeable batteries.

Benchtop BK-FD10 Series
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Freeze dryers from benchtop BK-FD10 Series. Models available: standard camera (BK-FD10S), standard camera with 8 manifolds (BK-FD10P), chamber with stoppering (BK-FD10T) and chamber with stoppering and 8 manifolds (BK-FD10PT). Minimum temperature < -56ºC. Vacuum < 0.1 mBar. Capacity of the trap of cold 9.5 L. Capacity of water capture 3kg/24h. Size (diameter/height) of the trap cold 215x260 mm, the chamber of freeze-drying 260x310 mm and the trays 200x20 mm touch-Screen LCD. USB for data export. Includes vacuum pump 8m3/h. Includes manifolds (depending on model). Refrigerant CFC free. Optional: flask of cap tapered to connect to the manifolds.

The price shown is for the model BK-FD10S. For other models consult the drop-down.

Termoagitador MC-100 Series
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Termoagitador MC-100 Series. Models: MS-100 (heating and agitation); MSC-100 (heating, cooling, and agitation). Exchangeable blocks for micro-tubes of different volumes, a falcon tube and microplate techniques. Range temperature: RT+5ºC to 100ºC (MS-100) or 0 ° c/4 ° C to 100 ° C (MSC-100). Timer from 1 min to 99h59min. Resolution: ± 0.1 ºC. Accuracy: ± 0.5 º. Agitation speed from 200 to 150 rpm. Orbit 2 mm warm-up Time (from 25 ° C to 100 ° C) ≤15 min. Cooling time (to 100 ° c at 20 ° c) ≤15 min.

It shows the price for the model MS-100 WITHOUT block. Use the drop-down for other models. Any block to choose to have an additional price of 150 €.