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Transfer of gels and other

Transfer of gels and other

Find here equipment for transfer from gels, ovens, hybridization and other computers of electrophoresis.

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BioRad Trans-Blot Turbo
1.125,00 € Desde

System transfer of gels, BioRad Trans-Blot Turbo. Capacity for 2 tapes. Up to 25 methods programmable. USB port. Display with monochrome screen. Transfer time of 3 minutes. Alarm system sound. User Manual.

Sigma Aldrich SV20-SDB
395,00 € Desde

System transfer of gels, semi-dry Sigma Aldrich SV20-SDB. Gels 20X20 cm uniform Dispersion of the heat. Electrodes of long duration.

Amersham Hypercassette RPN...
Amerscham Life Science
175,00 € Desde

Cassette, autoradiography made of solid aluminum. Resistance to exposures up to temperatures of -70ºC. Opacity. Surface antiporosa. Measures 24x30cm. Depth 1.5 cm .

Amersham Hypercassette
Amerscham Life Science
135,00 € Desde

Cassette, autoradiography of 20 x 25 cm made of solid aluminum. 1.5 cm wide. Resistance up to temperatures of -70ºC and opacity. Surface antiporosa that ensures the anti-pollution.