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In Galileo we have a large variety of stoves, laboratory second-hand.

In this category you will find stoves, refrigerated of different volumes and temperature ranges.

Find the one that best suits your needs, remember that all products have 1 year warranty on your purchase, and are reviewed by our technical service.

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MMM Friocell FC 707 Konfort
5.250,00 € From

Stove refrigerated Friocell 707 L forced circulation and rapid cooling. Temperature range (0-100ºC). Stability: ± 0,4 °C. Uniformity: ±1 °C. Comfort Control: range programmable cycles (1min - 16 years), thermostat security, adjust fan speed, alarms. Control manual defrost. Double door. Camera stainless steel. 2 doors glass internal. Includes 2 trays and manual.

MMM Friocell FC222
Fisher Scientific
3.550,00 € From

Stove refrigerated Friocell. Volume 222L. 6 programmes adjustable.Control manual defrost. Refrigerant Gas R134a without CFC. Range of Relationship from 0-99,9 ºC. Forced ventilation. System of protection IP20. Door inner glass. Inner chamber of a double lining and 2 trays made of stainless steel. LED display, microprocessor and Fuzzy Logic. Acoustic and visual alarm. Includes manual.

Select Prebatem 2000962
1.750,00 € From

Stove precision low temperature. 80 liters. The forced circulation. Digital Regulation of temperatures of 0ºC to 50ºC. Regulation with semiconductor. A tray. Internal measures 50x40x40cm. Decontaminated. Includes manual.

Selecta Hotcold M
2.475,00 € From

Stove, refrigerated precision Selecta Hotcold M. Volume of 200 L. the Range of Temperature adjustable from 0 to 60 ºC. Luminous Display indicator of Temperature. Safety thermostat adjustable. Bases of plug interior. Includes instruction manual and 2 trays.

Velp Scientifica, FTC 90
Velp Scientifica
825,00 € From

Stove refrigerated Velp Scientifica, FTC 90. Volume of 64 L. fixed Temperature of 20 ºC. Forced air. Display of Temperature in thermometer. Plug internal. Includes a tray.

Selecta Hotcold S
2.300,00 € From

Stove refrigerated Selecta Hotcold S. Equipment from Outlet Select brand. Volume 160 L. Range Temperature from 5 to 65 ºC. Forced air. Electronic control with digital. Watch disconnect programmable. Wheels with brake. Includes 2 trays and 4 rails. Slight flaws that do not interfere with its normal operation

Selecta Hotcold UM
3.595,00 € From

Incubator Selecta Hotcold UM. Equipment from Outlet Select brand. Temperature adjustable from -10 to +60 ºC. Volume of 200 L. Two models of programmer: 24 hours and 7 days (see prices below).