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Within this category you will find our best teams of sequencing and pyrosequencing of DNA. All revised and with 1 year warranty.

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Qiagen Pyromark Q24
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Pirosecuenciador Qyagen Pyromark Q24. Analysis of 1 to 24 samples/15 min. Includes software on Cd. Information transfer by USB.

ABI PRISM 3130 XL Genetic...
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Sequencer ABI 3130XL. Sequencing of 16 capillaries. DNA sequencing analysis software. Software for fragment analysis and genotyping: Sequencing Analysis™ and GeneMapper™. Compatible with software of the identification and detection of point mutations (SNPs) SeqScape™ (not included). Includes PC, software, described, manual, and a set of capillaries without brand new 36 cm