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We have a whole series of termocicladores of different brands and models reviewed and guaranteed. Termocicladores classic, real-time PCR, gradient...

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Illumina Eco™ RT - PCR
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Real-time PCR Eco™ from lllumina. Volume display: 5-20µl. Thermal system. Temperature range: 40-100°C uniformity: ± 0.1°C. Range rate ramp: 5.5°C/sec. Run time: 40 cycles <40mins. System sensitivity optical: Dual Excitation LED (452-486 nm and 542-582 nm). Four emission filters. CCD camera. Analysis of HRM. Software eco-system. Includes manual.

Real-Time PCR Lightcycler...
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The Light Cycler 1.5 allows quantification and precise characterization of PCR products by analysis of the curve of melting and genotyping of SNP in less than one hour. The assays can be performed with SyBr Green or other probes. Includes manuals, PC and software.

Real-Time PCR Bioer LineGene 9640
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Real-Time PCR Bioer...
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Brand new equipment. Thermal cycler real-time for 96 samples (0.2 ml). This PCR has a speed of scanning ultrafast (5,5 s), two-color, 8 channels. Excitation wavelength of 300-800nm and emission ( 500-800nm). Temperature range (4-105ºC). Detection fluorescence 30-110ºC. Ramp heating (1-36ºC/s). Original packaging.

Real-time PCR SLAN 48P
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Real-time PCR SLAN 48P
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Thermal cycler real-time SLAN 48P. Computer just used for demo. 48 tubes 0.2 mL. Sample volume 15 to 100 ál. Temperature of 4 to 99 ºC. Ramp heating 3 ° C/sec. Manuals, cds and original box.

Eppendorf Mastercycler...
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Thermal cycler gradient Eppendorf Mastercycler Gradient. Block universal for 96 tubes of 0.2 mL or 77 tubes of 0.5 mL. Control of the temperature of the block of 4 to 99°C. Storage of 100 programs. RS232 output. Includes manual.

Eppendorf Mastercycler EP...
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Thermal cycler Eppendorf Mastercycler EP Gradient S. the temperature Range of 30 to 99 ºC. Heating/cooling up to 6 ° C/sec. Block silver-coated for effective transmission of temperature. Capacity interchangeable in a single block of 96 tubes x 0.2 ml, 77 tubes x 0.5 ml or microplate PCR. Gradients of 1 to 20 ° programmable up to 12 segments. Cover thermostabilized. Control Panel.

Biorad MyCycler
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Thermal cycler with gradient Biorad MyCycler. Range of Temperature from 4 to 100 ºC. Ramp speed up to 2.5 °C/sec. Cpacidad 96 tubes of 0.2 mL or a 96-well microplate. Memory for 99 programs. Large graphic display.

Biometra PC-Personal Cycler
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Thermocycler Biometra PC-Personal Cycler. Aluminium block for 20 wells for tubes of 0.5 ml. Temperature range of -3ºC to 105ºC. Accuracy ±0.1°C. Uniformity ±0.5°C after 15 sec Speed of heating and cooling maximum: 3 ° C/sec. Programmable memory to store protocols.

20 wells for tubes of 0.5 ml

MJ Research PTC-100
1.350,00 €
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Thermal cycler MJ Research PTC-100. Block peltier for 96 tubes of 0.2 mL. Cover heated adjustable. Temperature range of 0°C to 105°C, accuracy ± 0.3°C. Ramp 1.2°C/sec. Preprogrammed protocols 14, capacity program storage 320. Protection of storage of programs.