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Analyzers hematology

Analyzers hematology

Analyzers hematology Second Hand for blood counts, erythrocyte sedimentation, and tests of coagulation.

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Haematological analyzer. 300 samples with histograms. Throughput 60 samples/h. 2 modes: whole Blood (50uL) with 17 parameters with 3-part differential WBC that include ANC. Pre-diluted vol (20, uL) with 8 parameters (WBC, RBC,HGB, HCT,MCV,MCH, MCHC, PLT. Histograms WBC, RBC, PLT. Syxmex technology. Precision thanks to the discriminators of buoyancy machines.

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Coagulómetro single-channel semi-automatic Ral Clot-SP. Up to 15 cuvettes. Controlled by a microprocessor. Memory for 10 techniques. LCD screen. Built-in thermal printer.