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Pathological anatomy

Pathological anatomy

Analyzers for the study of pathological diseases, microtomes of rotation and cooled, processors tissues..

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Leica UCT 125
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Ultramicrotomo Leica UCT 125. Manufacturing machine knives, table vibration, glass for the manufacture of blades, and support to make knives. Manual included in attachment.

Bio-Optica DP8R
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Paraffin dispenser Bio-Optica DP8R. Capacity 8 litres. Working temperature from  +20°C  to  +70°C  through  electronic  thermostat  with  microprocessor. Reading precision ±2°C. Control panel with digital display. Painted steel shelf support brackets, fully height-adjustable on a spacer rack. Stainless steel tank with cover. Heated base with black anodized surface. Paraffin dispensing system through a tap, which can be blocked in the open position. Programming possibility: Instrument starting and switching off, weekly.

Tissue-Tek Cryo3 Flex
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Tissue-Tek Cryo3 cryostat, model B230. Provides superior sections from 1 µm to 99 µm in 1 µm increments with 360° specimen orientation. Maximum specimen thickness 25 mm. Chamber temperature from -35°C to 0°C maintained within ±2°C. Storage space for up to 20 specimen holders. Cooled blade holder for easier specimen. The Cryo+ area of the Cryobar freezes to -50°C within 5 minutes after activation. On demand/manual defrost cycle is completed in 30 minutes.