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Incubation baths

Incubation baths

Browsing this category you will find a great variety of incubation baths of different well-known brands and of different volumes. Choose the one that best suits your needs.

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Cloud ST402
750,00 € Desde

Thermostatic bath CLOUD model ST402 of 30L. Ambient temperature range: +5º to 80ºC. Fluctuation of Temperature: ±0.2°C and 37 ° < ± 0.5°C. stainless steel Tank. Programmable microprocessor. Digital Display for time and Temperature. Control of agitation speed: 50-250rpm. Timer:100 hours+locking position. Includes 2 racks for 27 stainless steel tubing and user manual.

Outlet Raypa RFG 10
2.398,50 € Desde

Thermostatic bath Raypa in Outlet. Brand new equipment. Capacity 8 L Range of Temperature ( -10º C to 99.9 º C). Stability (±0.1 ºC). Flow recirculation pump internal and external 5L /min. Electronic thermostat with reading and selection of Temperature. Safety thermostat (DIN to 12,879 class2). Probe Temperature (PT-100 Class). Compressor 1/8 hp. Time programmable hold, and maintenance (0-99,5 h).