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We have a series of computers pre-owned cytometry: flow cytometers, counters of cells... Each unit is revised and perfected by the technical department to offer 1 year of warranty on each one of them.

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BD Biosciences FACSCanto
Bekton Dickinson
27.500,00 €

Flow cytometer Beckton Dickinson FacsCanto. It consists of 7 light sensors, PMT, Laser Blue 488 nm and Red Laser 633 nm. Preamps for each PMT. Parameters: (FSC) (SSC), and 6 fluorescence: FL1, FL2, FL3, FL4, FL5 and FL6. Module fluids: BD Facts Shut down, Facs Clean, Sheat Fluid and waste. Software FACs Diva, 2 screens and a computer tower. Includes manuals.