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Analysis Waters

Analysis Waters

In this category you will find various equipment for analysis of water, such as ramps filtration, distillers, and many more of different brands and models. Navigate to find the one you need.

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A Metrohm 757 VA Computrace
9.950,00 € Desde

Polarógrafo a Metrohm 757 VA Computrace. Measurement of heavy metals in nanogr/l and microgr/l. Injection of the sample manual. Includes electrode Hg Multi-mode (MME). Pressure gauge connection to bala N2 (not included). Software Metrodata version 1.0, manual and spare parts.

A Metrohm 705 UV Digester
3.395,00 € Desde

Digester for liquid samples a Metrohm 705 UV Digester. Control with timer, bowl, wet with water input and output and UV lamp. Wheel to place 12 samples. Includes user manual.

Leco AMA 254
7.200,00 € Desde

Analyzer, mercury Leco AMA 254. Includes sampler for liquids Leco To 254. Detector diode UV silicone. Lamp 253,65 nm. Analysis in 5 min. Sample size: 5 mg for solids and 100 µl for liquids. Includes full PC, software ALTEC v., manuals and original spare parts.