Analyzers biochemical

Analyzers biochemical

Analyzers biochemical for the determination of the level of glucose, cholesterol, triglyceride, uric acid, proteins, enzymes, etc, in blood serum.

Metrolab 2300
3.950,00 €
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Biochemical analyzer 200 dilutions/hour. Tray reaction (80-column 1cm or 0.6 for beam of light). Arm takes a sample (5 positions). - Diluter (syringe 500uL). Photometer (double beam filters interferential 340, 405, 450, 505, 550, 600, 650, 700, 380 (or 750nm). Cleaning system, sensors, level and shock. PC (software Windows multitasking system XP). Temperature incubation 30-37ºC environment.

Roche Cobas Mira
3.500,00 €
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Biochemical analyzer Roche Cobas Mira. 140 test/h. Optical system photometric. Capacity for 72 cuvettes. Sample volume of 150-600 ál. Memory for results of 2100 patients. Microprocessor. Built-in Software.

Olympus AU2700
Beckman Coulter
24.950,00 €
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Biochemical analyzer Olympus AU2700. Processed from 400 to 6,600 tests per hour. Up to 1600 tests photometric per hour and up to 2133 tests per hour with electrolytes. Rack up to 300 samples. More than 125 tests pre-programmed. Metabolic Panel basic STAT of seven tests in four minutes. Carousel of 22 samples for STAT. Open system to use reagents of a third party. Calibration and quality control machines. Pipetting accurate for reagents and samples.