Analyzers ion

Analyzers ion

Find analyzers of ions of second-hand, able to measure with reliability and precision, concentrations, pH, and other parameters of specific ions.

Instrumentation Laboratory 943
Instrumentation Laboratory
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Photometer, analyzer, ions, Na, K and Li in serum, plasma and aqueous solutions. Allows the analysis of samples up to 20ul, and has a throughput of 100 samples per hour. The calibration, the aspiration of the diluent and the monitoring of air flow are automatic. Requires a mantemimiento minimum. The nebulizer allows for a stable rate and accurate aspiration.

ILyte Selective Electrode...
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ILyte Analyzer, ion-selective Na+/K+/Cl - Ion. Instrumentation Laboratory. Auto-calibration, and sleep mode. Cartridge reagents removable (not included).