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Labolan DBC-6
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Hematology counter Labolan DBC-6. 5 windows for counting of 5 types of different cells + 1 window for total cells. Alarm. Numerical range of 0 to 999. In its original box.

Labolan SP-1103
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Spectrophotometer 1100 Series Visible. Bandpass: 6 nm. Single beam, diffraction grating flat of 1200 lines/mm Length wavelength range (350-1000nm), precision (+-1nm) and accuracy (+-2nm). Transmittance (0-125,0%). Absorbance (0-2,5 A). Precision photometric +-2%T. Autocero. Includes 2 cuvettes 10mm quartz, balance, black, portacubetas, pouch and user manual.