Euromex DC.10000-P
  • Euromex DC.10000-P
  • Euromex DC.10000-P
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Euromex DC.10000-P
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Digital photo camera Euromex DC.10000-P. BRAND new. 10 MP. 3584 x 2746 pixels. Mount and attach in the thread. USB 3.0 connection. Balance and exposure automatic or manual. Includes USB cable and CD ROM with software, Image Focus Alpha.



CMEX-10 Pro (DC.10000p)

CMOS Sensor 1/2.3"
Pixels 3584 x 2746 pixels, 10.0 Mp.
Type is Progressive scanning, type blind.
Pixel size 1.67 µm x 1.67 µm
RGB filter
Mount Screw-type "C" .
Frames/second 7.2 frames per second working on resolution 3584 x 2746 pixels.
24.5 frames per second working in resolution 1792 x 1372 pixels.
ADC 12-bit
Depth colour 24-bit
Auto exposure or manual.
White Balance Auto or manual.
Dynamic range 63.5 db
Signal/noise ratio 35.5 db
Sensitivity 0,31 V/lux-sec
USB 3.0 at 5Gb/s.
Dimensions 68 x 68 x 45 mm (width x deep x high)
Working conditions 0 – 50° C, 30-80 % humidity
Storage conditions -20 – 60° C temperature
Power supply 5V by USB port
Supplied with Adapter to C mount with factor 0.5 x is compatible with 23,2 mm diameter. Adapters for 23.2 mm diameter at 30 and 30.5 mm diameter. USB 3.0 Cable, calibration 76 x 24 mm with graticule 1 mm/100 parts, CD ROM with program (ImageFocus Alpha) and drivers, cardboard box.
Reference DC.10000p
System requirements Processor INTEL Core 3.7 Ghz, RAM at least 2 Gb, CD-ROM drive, USB port 3.0 and a screen of at least 17 inches.

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