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Thermo Solaar M5 Dual

Dual atomic absorption spectrophotometer. Selectable flame or furnace atomization (Thermo GF95). Range: 180nm to 900nm; double beam optic system, deuterium background correction. Multi-element analysis. Six positions turret. Autosampler Thermo FS95, liquid handler Gilson 221/222 XL with syringe pump Gilson 402. Software Solaar M AA. Manuals.

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11 500,00 € tax excl.

Include these used lamps: Sn, As, Sb, Se, Pb, Cd, Cr/Ni, Al, Fe, Mg, Cu, Cr, Hg, Ni, Co, Ag, Mo, Zn, V, Ti, Mn, Si, Ca, Cu/Fe/Zn. Brands Il, Photon y Thermo.

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