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Sartorius SAR SIWRDCP-1-3-1

Sartorius SIWRDCP-I-1-3 electronic balance. Max. weighing 3 kg. Readability of 0.1 g. Remote Control. Includes user manual.

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700,00 € tax excl.


  •  Balance of high quality. 
  •  Accuracy and reliability in heavy. 
  •  Weighing capacity from 0.1 g to 3kg 
  •  Ease of use. 
  •  Large keys with clearly palpable pressure point. 
  •  Short measurement. 
  •  Specific to each customer because of the multiple options.
  •  Safety by password option.
  •  3 indicators, 3 weighing technologies
  •  Resolution 35.000 d to 350.000 d
  •  Model-dependent factory-verified options up to Class II and III

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