bScope BS.3153-EPLI

bScope BS.3153-EPLI


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Microscope trinocular bScope BS.3153-EPLI for fluorescence LED, HWF 10x / 22 mm eyepieces and five-slide plan EPLi 4/10 / S40 / S100x oil objectives corrected to infinity, stage 131 x 152/197 mm with built-in mechanical stage with X-And without rack 77 x 36 mm 3 W NeoLED ™ Kohler illumination and integrated power supply. Fixation of fluorescence with 4 LED for excitation (B, G, V and UV, 4 sets of filters. Supplied without rechargeable batteries.

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Eye flat large field-of-vision HWF10/22 mm for porta-eye Ø 30 mm



Head Trinocular type Siedentopf, 360 ° rotating, inclined 30 ° and tube holder eyepieces of Ø 30 mm • Are equipped with a diopter adjustment ± 5 in the porta-eye-left • distance inter-pupillary is adjustable from 48 to 76 mm • Has a system of unique twist of the tubes porta-eye for ergonomic treatment of the eye in a high and low position • The prisms inside the head are designed to minimize the absorption of light and obtain image perfect digital



Revolver holder objectives quintuple oriented towards the interior and are mounted on ball bearings of high precision



The production techniques of the latest generation coatings and multi-layer material used for the manufacturing of the objectives of bScope allow you to use bScope for the most demanding applications. The correction of the spherical aberration and the modern CNC technology and assembly ensure the centred perfect of the objectives


• Objectives E-PLAN PLI correction to infinity (IOS). Factors of increase 4x / 0.10, 10x / 0.25, S40x / 0.65 and S100x / 1.25 (oil immersion)




Controls, macro focus and fine on-axis and coaxial low-position. Micrometer with 180 graduations. Precision 1.11 µm, 200 µm per rotation, total distance of approximately 19 mm Is supplied with a top elevation of the plate adjustable to prevent damage to the sample and the objectives. The adjustment coarse is equipped with adjustable tension




The bScope is equipped with a plate scratch resistant 152/197 x 131 mm with mechanical stage mechanical integrated without zipper in X-axis and displacement in X-y 75 x 36 mm, with vernier, clamp, clamped samples of soft close and removable

The platen without the zipper on the X-axis has no protruding parts, allowing more smooth movements and is more secure in the use. The control knobs X-y low-position to avoid fatigue during long work sessions. The bScope can be equipped with a heating stage optional up to 50 ° Celsius by a PID temperature controller. Only available for new units of microscope.



The standard condenser Abbe N. A. 1.25, height adjustable for bright-field comes with a iris diaphragm and a filter-holder rotating




Epi-Illumination with 4 LEDS for fluorescence excitation of 460 to 470 nm (blue), 520 to 530 nm (green), 390 to 400 (violet) and 360 to 370 nm (ultraviolet)

External power supply 100-240V




 Microscopes bScope are equipped with a lighting system NeoLED 3W dimmable. Built-in power supply of 100-240 VAC. Kit of rechargeable batteries optional


It is equipped with a mirror, dichroic filters and routine for the fluorescence excitation of blue, green, violet and ultra-violet.




 Illumination system, Köhler NeoLED 3W. The system Köhler provides the highest possible contrast and the highest resolving power achievable. Generates a uniform illumination of the sample and eliminates all the interference from dust on the lenses and side glare from the light source



Rechargeable batteries optional become the bScope in a wireless device



Allows users to easily save the excess length of cable in the back of the instrument during operation and roll up the power cord for easy storage



The grip of transport integrated in the rear of the microscope ensures a safe transport of the microscope



In the back of the microscope there is a Kensington Security Slot, which can be used to protect the instrument from theft



The packaging type Smart Styrofoam represents a low environmental footprint while maintaining maximum safety during transport. Supplied with power cable, cover anti-dust, tools, spare fuse, filter, white, user manual and immersion oil 5 ml

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