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Check out below the different options that Galileo will offer to keep your equipment in optimum condition:

Repair and reconditioning

Galileo offers you an alternative it really economic to repair, and reconditioning of your laboratory equipment that will allow you to reduce repair costs associated with official services.

Our technicians accumulate years of experience in repair services of different types of equipment from different manufacturers. We service autoclaves, centrifuges, flow cabinets, incubators and stoves, ultracongeladores, termocicladores, microscopes, among others. In addition, our repair warranty is 3 months on the intervention undertaken.

For the arrangement of equipment we use at your choice of both original parts or new components cheaper from scrapping.

Ask also for our service of replacement equipment for rent so that you can continue working for the duration of the repairs.

If you have any equipment that you have not used for a period of time, we offer also our service for reconditioning and modifications. It is our job, in Galileo usually received equipment that are in disuse, we diagnose and give him a new life by replacing the parts that are needed and deal with to improve your cosmetic condition for it to look like new. Also, if you want to add some extra functionality to your instrument, contact us and we studied the best way to get it.


Prolongs the life of your equipment, increase your productivity by minimizing stops due to breakdowns, ensures the quality of your results, avoid large and costly repairs... you have many reasons to trust the preventive maintenance of your equipment in the professionals who give a second life to hundreds of laboratory instruments!

Our programs of preventive maintenance identifies those essential components of each instrument to avoid the occurrence of breakdowns. Our service covers the labour dedicated to the annual screening equipment, cleaning, revision of each of its parts, replacing annual key pieces and verification of operation with the probes appropriate. In addition, you'll have a 10% discount on repairs in case of equipment breakdown during the period covered by the maintenance contract.

Currently we offer preventative maintenance for autoclaves, laminar flow cabinets, stoves of incubation, stoves, refrigerated, CO2 incubators, centrifuges, chromatographs, termocicladores, spectrophotometers, ultracongeladores and microscopes.

Installation of equipment

Contact us to hire our services of installation of equipment, you can do so by acquiring a team of Galileo or if you need a service stand-alone installation.

Attention near you

Whenever possible we perform services in the same laboratory although, due to the nature of each of the instruments, at times we recommend your repair at our facility where we have all the means required for its correct diagnosis and settlement.

Galileo has a network of collaborators specialized along the Spanish geography to be able to offer a service more agile. Check out the map below to find out if we have a partner near you.

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