Reduce, Reuse, and Recycle

As professionals of the life sciences it is our responsibility to reduce the impact of our activities on the environment.

With the course of time the scientific instrumentation of the laboratory enters into disuse for various reasons, either by the acquisition of new equipment, the emergence of alternative techniques, more effective, breakdowns or the change of line of research, among others. The uncontrolled disposal of computers can pose environmental damage serious because some of the materials with which they are manufactured can be highly polluting. Therefore, the best solution is to apply the slogan of the sustainability, also known as the 3R: Reduc rad, Reutilizar and Reciclar, in this order of importance.

When you purchase a second hand equipment in Galileo, apart from saving, there is a commitment to sustainability, but how?


When it Reuses a computer refurbished and given a second life, all materials that are included in it (plastics, metals, etc) do not have to be manufactured again by the industry that, on many occasions, they are very aggressive with the environment. Such is the case of the mining industry, or oil derivatives. Also, it saves emissions to the atmosphere arising from the need of transporting the equipment from the point of manufacture until use. On the other hand, if a computer has reached the end of its useful life can also be Recycled for their parts which are still in a good condition. In all these ways it Reduces environmental impact and promotes sustainability.

Therefore, if you have equipment that you no longer use or need a computer for your research project please contact the Galileo and provides your granite of sand to the sustainability of the planet!