Ortoalresa Consul 21R
  • Ortoalresa Consul 21R
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Ortoalresa Consul 21R
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Refrigerated centrifuge Ortoalresa Consul 21R. NEW. Speed max. than 14,300 rpm. Range Temperature -20 to +40 ºC. Includes rotor RT 205 for 4 tubes of 400 mL, adapter for 12 tubes, conical, 50 mL, and 28 tubes conical of 15 mL. Touch-screen. Control by microprocessor. In its original box. Delivery time 15 days.



220-240 V; 50-60 Hz; 1200 W

  • Induction Motor maintenance free.
  • Large capacity: Max. Volume 4 x 400 ml.
  • High speed, up to 20.804 xg/14.300 R. P. M.
  • Silent: noise level lower than 60 dB.
  • 15 memories + pre-cooling.

- Screen TFT touch for easy reading and selection of values: R. P. M./F. C. R., (in steps of 100 R. P. M. and 10 xg) time, temperature (in steps of 1°C) and acceleration / braking (in steps of 1 second).

- Graphic indicator of operation visible from more than 3 m.

- Listing of rotors and adapters in memory. - Actual values on screen (F. C. A. depending on the adapters.

- Clock with countdown/increasing from 0 or from “set R. P. M./F. C. R.” which allows reproducible results.

- Key spin fast, with adjustable speed.

- Up to 175 ramps of acceleration and 175 ramps braking.

- Automatic recognition of the rotor.

- Cover closure motor.

- Controlled by microprocessor.

- Lock option/modification of R. P. M./F. C. R. in operation.

- Data protection program with a password.