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Thermo Scientific Multidrop 832

Thermo Scientific Multidrop 832 Microplate Dispenser. Available microplate 96 and 384. Volume range from 5 to 1395 microliters. Accuracy of 5 microliters.

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-This high-speed automated dispenser for deep well plates, 1.1mL test tubes, and 96-well plates, dispenses up to eight different reagents and covers a volume range of 20–995µL. Microplates can be filled in only five seconds with 20µL/well of reagent, and deep well plates can be filled with 900µL/well of reagent in just 74 seconds, with a typical dispensing accuracy of ±2% or better for dispensing volumes from 20–995µL in 5µL increments. 

-A high-precision peristaltic pump allows continuous dispensing directly from single or multiple reagent bottles, and up to eight different liquids can be dispensed into any number of columns using the 8-channel dispensing cassette. All reagent lines can also be back-flushed into the reagent bottle, minimizing the loss of expensive reagents. To ensure sterility and avoid cross-contamination, the dispensing cassette is detachable and autoclavable. The dispenser also features an RS-232 serial interface for time-controlled applications. 
• 96- and 384-well plate formats
• Deep well plates 96-384
• Precise and reliable dispensing
• Autoclavable dispensing cassettes
• Designed for ease of use
• Robotic compatible
Dimensions 31W x 32D x 18H cm (127/32 x 1219/32 x 7")
Electrical 110–120V
Weight 6.2 kg (13.7 lbs.)
  • Dispensing accuracy:

5 µl: ±3% (typical)

20 µl: ±2% (typical)

100 µl: ±1% (typical)

Dispensing speed:

96-well plate:20 µl in 5 s50 µl in 8 s

384 well plate: 20 µl in 20 s50 µl in 25 s

  • Height 18 cm
  • Width 31 cm
  • Depth 32 cm
  • Weight 8 kg

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