Euromex iScope IS.3153-PLFi/3 Maximize

Euromex iScope IS.3153-PLFi/3

Brightfield and epi-fluorescence trinocular microscope. Brand new. Oculars  EWF10x/22. IOS plan achromatic objectives Fluarex 4x/0.10, 10x/0.25, 40x/0.65 and 100x/1.25 (Oil). Antifungal treatment. Transmitted lighting NeoLED. Filters: Blue (EX460-490 DM520 EM500L) and Green (EX510-550 DM580 EM570LP). Automatic swicht off. Manuals. Protective case.

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4 550,00 € tax excl.


Mecanical plate 216 mm x 150 mm.

Condenser Abbe A.N: 1.25. Diafragm and slot for optional layers (dark field)

Made in Holland.

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