At Galileo we help you not only by supplying you with the best previously owned quality research equipment necessary to set up your business,  but also with the design layout and fit out if you so wish.

On the other hand, should you need to clear up your laboratory we too work with you to sell off all your research assets in a quick and effective manner.


 Do you want to set up your new lab?                                                                             


Have you decided to create a new business and need to set up a new laboratory? Do you want to renew your existing one?

Our previously own quality equipment is 40 up to 75% cheaper than brand new one. In addition we can offer you important extra savings if you decide to buy with us the entire equipment you need for your laboratory. Furthermore, we too can give advice on where you should base your premises and even offer you a turnkey service from layout design of your facilities to ready-to-start completion of the project, including building works, design and selection of all furniture, special installations (i.e. cellular culturing) and of course, supply of all equipment. Everything custom fitted to your specifications and budget.


Do not hesitate to contact us about our services.


Do you need to make a lab clearance?                                                                          


At Galileo we can help.

After visiting your premises we will assess all your available equipment and furniture to establish their working order and general condition. Then we will present you with our best offer for the equipment that we as Galileo are interested in purchasing directly from you. Should you agree with the proposed offer we will go pick up such equipment and proceed to payment to your bank account via wire transfer.


For any of your remaining lab equipment, Galileo will offer you a very effective dealer service to achieve successful lab clearance within a reasonable timeframe. If you are interested in these services we will advise on the approximate price your equipment can reach at auction or the re-sell markets. We will also discuss with you the different ways to part with the equipment so that you always leave obtaining benefits. You won’t even have to spend a cent until a sale or deal has been reached.

Once buyers are found for the proposed goods and the best price possible has been negotiated, we will organize the entire sale process, from pick up of goods to handling of moneys to be transferred to your bank account, once our service fees are taken off the total.


Do not hesitate to ask us about our services and share in all of our broad experience in the field.