Metrolab 2300

Metrolab 2300


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Biochemical analyzer 200 dilutions/hour. Tray reaction (80-column 1cm or 0.6 for beam of light). Arm takes a sample (5 positions). - Diluter (syringe 500uL). Photometer (double beam filters interferential 340, 405, 450, 505, 550, 600, 650, 700, 380 (or 750nm). Cleaning system, sensors, level and shock. PC (software Windows multitasking system XP). Temperature incubation 30-37ºC environment.

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Optical system:

-Photometer double beam with filters interferential (340, 405, 450, 505, 550, 600, 650, 700, 380 (or 750nm).
-Band width 10 nm
-Range photometric:-01 3.6 A (a 0.1 to 55,with buckets of 0.6 cm)
-Light source: halogen Lamp 6v-20W

System mixing: transfer Head heater reagent

Capacitative level Sensor washing System interior and exterior of the needle taking samples

System-diluter with valve Cavro.

Tray reaction:

Supports 80 cuvettes of 1 cm or 0.6 cm of passage of light. Heater of incubation by hot air.

Incubation temperature, atmosphere 30 ° c and 37 ° C


48 positions in the tray rotary. Working with primary tube. Accepts samples from microvolume pediatric. Volume of samples programmable to 100uL.


48 positions of reagents in the tray rotary.
Volume programmable.

Quality Control: Diagrams of Levy Jennings. Rules of Westgard. Export and import data to other programs and/or remote terminals. Automatic protection back up.

Data management (Requirements)

Computer: Pentium model or 64Mb. A minimum of Ram. 2-door RS 2322C, or 1 door RS232C serial and a PS2 MOuse. Color Monitor SVGA. Drives, CD ROM and floppy disk 31/2". Printer, 80-column or jet of ink.

Communication. Standard with door serial protocol ASTM 1394

Operating conditions

Range Relationship: 15-35 ° C
Relative humidity <80%
Pressure: 750-1060 Hoa


85 to 240 VAC+-10%

Consumption of distilled water (2.5 ml) for determination




  • Tray of reactionn: 80 reactions simultaneously. Disposable glasses are reusable and are supplied in strips of five units of two types: 0.6, or 1 cm step light
  • Arm sampler: Takes the reagents and the sample separated by air bubble and everything is loaded in the corresponding well. To turn premostatiza the reagent to 0.5 ° C above the selected temperature to the tray of reaction. Has 5 positions (dispensing, washing, suction sample suction of reagent 1 to 24 and aspirate reagent
  • - Diluter: syringe only 500 microlitos that sucks consecutively the reagents and the sample. Bubbles interspersed and washing to avoid contamination
  • Level Sensor: Checks if there are reactive enough to all the action planned.
  • Shock Sensor. If when descending the needle found mechanical impediment, it will stop and give you a visual warning and sound. Resuming the operation below.


  • METER: Wheel of 9 filters interferential and a system of detection of double beam. The beam of light comes from a source of halogen that passes through the selected filter, and then is divided by a semiespejo. Part of the light passes through the cuvette with the sample and another portion is incident on a reference sensor. Measures the ratio between the two signals obtained readings independent of fluctuations of the lamp. The photometer double-beam allows you to detect whether you have placed the wells needed and are clean. The user can schedule reading through system and a double beam and in the form bicromática with two different filters


  • Cleaning. Pump programmed that it sends through the needle, a cleaning solution consisting of distilled water. Alarm system notifies you if one is about to exhaust the cleaning solution or if you are about to fill up the cargo container. 2.5 ml per determination about.

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