Ortoalresa Consul 21
  • Ortoalresa Consul 21
Equipment second hand | Centrifuges and rotors | Non-cooled
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Ortoalresa Consul 21
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Benchtop centrifuge Ortoalresa Consul 21. NEW. Max. 14.300 rpm. Includes rotor oscilanete RT205 for 4 tubes of 400 mL and 4,000 rpm. Includes adapters for 12 tubes, conical, 50 mL and for 28 tubes conical of 15 mL. Control by microprocessor. 16 memoirs of programming. In its original box. Term delivery 15 days.


220-240 V; 50-60 Hz; 600 W
  • Screen TFT touch for easy reading and selection of values: R. P. M./F. C. R., (in steps of 100 R. P. M. and 10 xg ) time, temperature (in steps of 1°C) and acceleration / braking (in steps of 1 second).
  • Graphic indicator of operation visible from more than 3 m.
  • List of rotors and adapters in memory.
  • Real values on screen of F. C. R. depending on the adapters.
  • Clock with countdown/increasing from 0 or from “set R. P. M./F. C. R.” which allows reproducible results.
  • Key spin fast, with adjustable speed.
  • Control of acceleration and braking progressive up to 175 ramps.
  • Automatic recognition of the rotor.
  • Cover closure motor.
  • Controlled by a microprocessor.
  • Opening lid automatic programmable (only non-refrigerated).
  • Blocking option/modification of R. P. M./F. C. R. in operation.
  • Data protection program with a password.