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Traycell Hellma 105.810-UVS Fibre Optical Ultra-Micro Measuring Cell

TrayCell Hellma 105.810-UVS cuvette. Volume from 0.7 to 10 microliters. Quartz. Includes a model 665 704 traycell cap with 0,2 mm.

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950,00 € tax excl.


Width: 12,5 mm

Depth: 12,5 mm

Height:    53 mm   Centre height 8.5 mm
              59.5 mm Centre height 15 mm
              64.5 mm Centre height 20 mm

Seal: Epoxy glue

Window Material: Quartz Suprasil

Centre Height: 8.5 mm, 15 mm or 20 mm* other centre heights available on request

Fibre-Optic Cables: built in, not exchangeableUV/Vis low solarisation190 nm - 1,100 nm(52,632 cm-1 - 9,100 cm-1)

Light Path: 0.2 mm or 1 mm(± 0.02 mm)

Volume: 0,7- 5 µl


Traycell cap: type 665.704 

Description Cap with integrated mirror to 
adjust the light path*
Mirror material Quartz SUPRASIL® 
with aluminium mirror layer
Light path   0,2 mm

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