Rudolf Grauer Boy 110 Maximize

Swiss Boy 110

Swiss Boy 110 lab jacks scissor lift. Aluminum and stainless steel. Max load 50 kg. Platform size 12x14 cm. Scissor stand. Manual control.

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Ideal for use in fume hoods or benchtops, lab jacks are ultra-stable lifting platforms capable of holding a variety of items such as glassware, hot plates, baths and magnetic stirrers. The adjustment knobs allow for easy and precise height adjustments, and the oversized adjustment knobs make it even easier.

Constructed of aluminum and stainless steel and featuring a 12x14 cm top plate. With its scissor-style elevation system, this lab jack is capable of supporting loads of up to approximately 50 kg.

It is recommended that the jack be raised as close to the desired height as possible, before weight is placed upon it and final adjustments are made.

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