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Leica UCT 125

Leica UCT 125 ultramicrotome. As new, see attached specifications. It includes glass knifemaker machine, antivibration table, glass strips, knife support and unser manuals.

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- The ultramicrotome is an instrument commonly used to prepare TEM samples.

- It uses either a glass or diamond knife to cut ultra thin sections of specimens embedded in epoxy. The sections are approximately 60 to 100 nanometers in thickness and 0.5 to 3 mm in width and can be stained and mounted onto TEM grids for viewing.

- The ultramicrotome is also used to create mirror-smooth surfaces on samples mounted in epoxy, the applications for which include secondary imaging on the SEM and nanoindentation.

- Preparation on smooth samples for surface analysis need not always be of samples that are embedded, as sometimes bulk will work.

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