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Jencons Zipette
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Dispenser, liquid manual Jencons Zipette. Volume of 10 mL. Safety valve drip. Autoclavable.



High accuracy and repeatability designed for a dispensing safe.
Safety valve, anti-drip helpful in front of a dispensation accidental.
Recirculation valve, evitala accidental leakage of fluid between dispensations.
Swivel 360° for a comfortable handling.
Piston in PTFE for smooth action easily removable for cleaning and built-in cylinder of borosilicate glass and protected by a sleeve in PP with transparent, allows inspection of liquid before dispensing.
Cannula discharge at EFF-angled to 90° to a dispensing safe in flasks with narrow necks.
Suction tube in PTFE.
Fully autoclavable at 121 °C, 2 bar, except head digital.
All parts in contact with the liquid are chemically resistant.
However they are not suitable for liquids that are not compatible with PTFE, PVDE, FEP, borosilicate glass, ceramic, aluminum, or platinum-iridium, or to the dispensing of hydrofluoric acid, or liquids with solid particles.
Dispensing free of air bubbles.