490 4+4 Platelet-Rich Plasma (PRP)

490 4+4 Platelet-Rich Plasma (PRP)


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Agregómetro brand new 490 4+4 8-channel Chronolog. Possibility of connecting 2 modules of 4 channels each for a total of 8 channels. Aggregation optics in PRP. LCD screen. Volume shows 259uL. Internal interface AGGRO/LINK®. Software vW CoFactor Opt8. Includes manual. Models in the tab. Contact us for BUDGET SHIPPING 911923737 or info@galileoequipos.com

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Call us at 91 192 37 37 or info@galileoequipos.com for information and to request a quote of postage and packing.

Galileo is the only distributor of Chronolog in Spain


SYSTEM PVP SAMPLES WHOLE BLOOD/ IMPEDANCE OPTICAL IN PRP Requires plotter (PLOTTER) Requires Computer Computer included
490 4+ 14.160 € 4 NOT IF NOT If* NOT
490 4+DR 17.040 € 4 NOT IF NOT NOT* If
490 4+4 24.840 € 8 NOT IF NOT If* Not
490 4+4 DR 27.720 € 8 NOT IF NOT NOT* If
**490+4 11.400 € 4 NOT IF NOT NOT* NOT
*Interface and AGGRO/LINK Software included
** Channels 4 to 8 to be connected to the 490's 4+ to make it into a 4+4. Does not include starter kit

Types and specifications:


  • Measurement of effects on therapy anti-platelet
  • Clinical Diagnosis
  • Disorder of VON WILLEBRAND disease
  • Detection of heparin-induced Thrombocytopenia.
  • Tests in PRP, washed platelets, or filtered through gel.
  • Research studies in platelet and hemostasis in general.
  • Pharmaceutical research.
  • Aggregation And Leukocyte.

Technical characteristics

  • Channels: 4 per module with the possibility of 8 simultaneous.
Aggregation tests Optical for PRP (Plasma Rich Platelets), filtered platelets gel or washed with detection of excess if the baseline is not set.
  • Liquid Crystal display of 2 lines/24 characters, one per channel, that shows.
    • Temperature in degrees Celsius
    • Agitation in RPMs
    • Selection of the reference PPP (Platelet-Poor-Plasma)
    • Calibration mode
  • Notices
    • ON/OFF
    • Push for establishment of base line. Set the baseline to 0%.
    • Push-button selection for temperature, agitation speed and reference PPP [a push-button for 2 channels].
    • Push-button setting to adjust temperature, speed of agitation and reference PPP [a push-button for 2 channels].
    • Button calibration for the circuits to optical.
  • Volume per sample: 259 uL or 500 uL [does not require a spacer for micro-volumes]
  • Buckets: P/N 312
  • Stirring bars: Reusable coated with teflon P/N 313 - Disposable 311
  • Power supply: selectable by switch 115 or 230 VAC; 50/60 Hz, 150 watts max.
  • Vats of incubation: Two wheels per channel at 36.5 ° C + 1.0 ° C when the temperature is set to 37 ° C
  • Internal interface AGGRO/LINK® for use with a computer, and AGGRO/LINK® software and vW CoFactor Opt8.
  • Connectors on the back to connect to a plotter analog.
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