P/N 299 Cofactor Ristocetin Kit Assay
  • P/N 299 Cofactor Ristocetin Kit Assay
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P/N 299 Cofactor Ristocetin Kit Assay
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To be used in quantitative determination of Factor VIII activity cofactor in plasma citrated. 15 determinations: ristocetin 7.5 mg/vial; 6 ml of human platelets lyophilized; 1.0 mL of normal plasma reference von Willebrand disease; 0.5 mL of plasma deficient reference of von Willebrand disease; 12 mL of TBA. Request a quote with packing and shipping info@galileoequipos.com or 911923737.


To request a quote including packaging and shipping to their facilities in info@galileoequipos.com or by calling 911923737.


  • Ristocetin, 7.5 mg/vial;
  • Human platelets liofilzadas, 6mL.
  • Von Willebran reference plasma, normal, 1.0 ml
  • Von Willebrand reference plasma, deficient, 0.5 ml,
  • Tris Buffered Saline (TBA) 12 ml.
  • TBA (Saline Buffer)