Galileo gives you the tools to easily access the best equipment you need, when you need it!

Please note that these services are limited for international clients and are subjected to previous approval.



Why Renting?

Because it allows you to have the equipment you need for each and every project, being able to easily pay for them just during the time you need them.

-You will be up to date with the latest equipment in this ever growing tech revolution

-Better liquididy, allowing you to have cash on the side to handle other strategic investments

-It does not affect your balance payments. You don't have to do any loan repayments, only account what you pay for the rental as monthly expenses.

-Because rental/leasing expenses are tax deductable up to 100% as  operating costs.

-It gives you the possibility of including maintenance, insurance and such, in one single payment


How it works:

- For contracts up to 500 € + VAT
- 12 to 60 month contract
- 48 hours approval response (subject to final authorisation by financial entity)
- Individual contact and support during the whole process.
- Minimal paper work and easy online process