Ultracongelador EVH ULF 500/86
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  • Ultracongelador EVH ULF 500/86
  • Ultracongeladores Series EVH ULF
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Ultracongeladores Series EVH ULF
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Ultracongeladores Equitec Series EVH ULF. Temperature range of –40ºC to -86ºC. Volumes 400, 522 or 751 L. Four shelves. High-energy efficiency. PT100 probe with accuracy of 0.1 ° C. soft touch control Panel 3.4” with a graphical representation of the temperature record. Continuous monitoring on incidents, with system memory of events and log the temperatures. Audible and visual alarms: temperature max. / min., door open, fault sensor, power failure, battery empty, saturation of the filter. System remote control RS 485/232 with reading protocols. USB system control data storage. Access ports additional cables and pipes. Filter removable and washable.

Models Equitec

racks serie EVH ULF


Representation of the temperature curves of real and historical

System double compressor with low noise level, in case of failure, one of them, is capable of maintaining the internal temperature at -70°C.

Door blind with lever handle, to ease opening and closing.

Insulation of 120 mm free , + panel VIP (injected into a polyurethane formed vacuum).

Gas natural refrigerants in auto cascade, HC, CFC-free and HCFC (meet the new environmental regulations, and are facial of find in the market).

Cooling system with two hermetic compressors in a cascade.

Hermetic compressors mounted in parallel on shock absorbers,to reduce the levels of noise <56 dB.

Air filter for the condenser in the front bottom, washable, easy to remove.

System condensation ventilated.

Evaporation system surround, static, in the interior of the chamber.

Climate class 4 (30°C, 55HR).

Door with board magnetic double frame and heated, ensuring a perfect closure and ice-free in the same.

Finish stainless steel inner.

Shelves in stainless steel, with adjustable height.

4 internal doors out of service, for access to each shelf, avoiding loss of cold in case of door openings frequently.

External finish galvanized steel coated Epoxy.

Porta-documents front.

3 access ports for introducing cables and pipes.

4 wheels with adjustable foot in height.

Allows operation up to +32ºC ambient temperature.

Brand New