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IVF cabinet K-Systems L-126
10.950,00 €
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Workstation for IVF K-SYSTEMS L-126 Dual. Laminar flow cabinet vertical double for in vitro fertilization. Class 100. Speed air 0.31-0.34 m/s. Pre-filter and filter, absolute HEPA H14. Recirculation air 30/70. Two posts for esteromicroscopios. Surface of stainless steel. heated uniformity +/-0.2 ºC. System of humidification and gas-integrated in rear, spread on work surface using 2 injectors. White light and UV light germicidal. Display-speed, air, temperature control, lighting and alarms. Includes surface of adjustable support.


Standard Features

Stainless Steel Table Top
Integrated Alu Heat System
2 x Mounting Assembly for most Stereo optika microscopes
2 x Microscope Light Opening with Heated Glass Ø90
2 x Integrated Gassing and Humidification System
2 x Eye Draught Protection
2 Electrical Outlets inside the cabinet
Support Stand