Euromex iScope IS.1153-PLPHi
  • Euromex iScope IS.1153-PLPHi
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Euromex iScope IS.1153-PLPHi
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Microscope trinocular phase contrast. Eyepieces EWF10x/22 mm Objectives corrected to infinity (IOS) DIN flat phase Plan PLPH10x/0.25, PLPH20x/0.40, PLPHS40x/0.65 and PLPHS100x/1.25 oil-immersion. Treatment mold. Capacitor-adjustable height, turret positions (bright-field, dark-field (up to 400x magnification), phase 10x/20x, phase 40x, phase 100x) with iris diaphragm. Lighting NeoLED 3W.


Feeder internal 85V-240V.

Auto power off Sensor iCare

Supplied with a protective case, fuse replacement, special tools, small bottle of immersion oil 5ml, power cord, filter, white frosted, green filter, manual of instructions in Spanish.

Certificate of origin the Netherlands