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Datacolor CHECK
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DataColor Check using a handheld computer (PDA) as the user interface with a Palm operating system
Large screen area, high resolution and high contrast; flash memory card data backup of 32M,
measuring "Gloss". Connect to micro-printer, software, transmission and management of data. Manual.


Measuring principle: integrating sphere, dual beam (d / 8 °), automatic brightness control
Diameter integrated ball: 51 mm
Wavelength range: 360 ~ 700nm
Aperture metering (one or two openings optional):
AVL (15 mm), SAV (10 mm)
USAV (6.5 mm), XUSAV (3mm)
Angle calculation of brightness: 20 degrees / 60 degrees / 85 degrees
Width of a wavelength effective output: 10 nm
Beam splitter: grating concave holographic
Detector: 256 arrays of photodiodes - double row (global patents)
Light source of the instrument: D65, A, C, CWF, TL84, etc
Display screen: 320 × 320 pixels, 5.4 cm × 5.4 cm
Resolution wavelength range: 2nm
Range of reflectivity: 0 ~ 200%
Repeat accuracy of the measurement: maximum 0.03 CIE LAB (measurement in slate white 20 times, 2 flashes)
Difference cross-platform: average 0.15 CIE LAB
Battery: rechargeable lithium battery, a load, measuring more than 2000 times, low battery warning
Communication mode: communication interface RS232 bi directional or USB communication interface