Telstar 2P3 Ampliar

Telstar 2P-3

Bomba de alto vacío Telstar 2P-3. A estrenar. Volumen de aceite de 0,3 L. Velocidad de 50L/min. Desplazamiento de aire 3m3/h. Incluye medidor de vacío absoluto hasta 50 mbar. Asa portátil.

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355,00 € sin IVA


Free air displacement at 50Hz: 3m3/h

Pumping speed 50l/min

Number of stages: 2

Factory vacuum rating: 25 microns

Motor size kW: 0.18

Voltage 230V,50 Hz, 1.7A

Weight (with oil): 10 kg


D: 27,5cm

W: 14,4cm

H: 19cm

Compact construction: simple design and easy operation.

Ergonomic handle, lightweight, easy to carry and use.

Motor thermally protected.

Integrated gas ballast valve: Helps keep the pump oil clean for a longer time.

Oil forced lubrication: useful for long time operation.

Anti suck back valve: A safety feature prevents pump oil from being sucked into the system when the pump stops.

Specifically designed for air conditioning & refrigeration pump systems.



  • Alto 19 cm
  • Ancho 14,4 cm
  • Profundo 27,5 cm
  • Peso 7 kg

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