Apelex PS 304 MiniPac II Ampliar

Apelex PS 304 MiniPac II

Fuente de alimentación Apelex PS 304 MiniPac II. Corriente de 1 a 400 mA. 1 a 300 voltios. Display. Alarma sonora de error en corriente. 2 salidas paralelas. Incluye manual de instrucciones. 

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Disponibilidad: 2 unidades

485,00 € sin IVA


Volt range 1 - 300 Volts; 1Volt step

Current range 1 - 400 mA; 1mA step

Power 0,6 - 120 Watts

Mode of operation Continuous

Switching frequency 23 kHz

Output regulation stability ± 0,2% FS ± 1/2 digit

Minimum output 1 Volts; 15µA; 0,6 Watts

Value display accuracy ± 0,2 FS ± 1/2 digit

Mains failure during the run Audible alarm and automatic restart with previous set values when mains returns

Fault detection Output supply stop, audible alarm STOP LED blinking

Fault status Output to earth leakage Output open circuit Output short circuit No regulation (Overheating, power circuit fault)

Earth leakage Detection level 500µA

Output to earth impedance 10MΩ min bypassed by 1nF max

Size 24 cm x 17 cm x 11 cm (D x W x H)

Weight 1,8 kg

Environmental conditions Indoor use, Altitude up to 2000m Temperature 10°C - 40°C

  • Alto 8 cm
  • Ancho 17 cm
  • Profundo 24 cm
  • Peso 3 kg

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