Waters 600S Ampliar

Waters 600S

Controlador Waters 600S. Rango de Tª de funcionamiento de 4 a 38 ºC.

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550,00 € sin IVA


  • User Interface: Liquid Crystal Display Liquid Crystal Display: 5-inch, 320x200, 16 lines, 40 characters/line
  • Program Tables: Flow rate, gradient, timed events, 15 time-based steps/table, 15 table capacity
  • Method Tables: time-based, multi-method capacity, includes linking program tables
  • System Control: Provides single keyboard control of Waters Autosamplers, UV/Vis, RI and conductivity detectors, column temp control
  • Gradient Profiles: 11 gradient curves linear, step (2), concave (4), convex (4), includes Waters AutoBlend method for automatic buffer blending
  • Eluent Blending Control: Random Phase Synchronization algorithm, proportioning valve timing automatically adjusts to eluent composition percentage
  • External Events: four-time or operator-controllable switch closures, two analog outputs (for chart out, pressure)
  • Inject Terminal: One, receives signal from external injector to initiate method
  • Dimensions: 
  • Temperature Operating Range: 4°C - 38°C (39°F - 100°F)
  • Humidity Operating Range: 20% - 90%
  • Relative Humidity Maximum Power: 250 VA
  • Frequency: 47 - 63 Hz

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