Binocular microscope L1200 BINO SP_1600X - Paralux Ampliar

L1200 BINO SP_1600X - Paralux

Microscopio binocular de contraste de fases Paralux Micro L1200 BINO SP -1600X. Lentes WF10X. Objetivos: 1 x 40/0.65 (160/0.17); 1 x 4/0.1 (160/-); 1 x 100/1.25 Oil (160/0.17); 1 x 10/0.25 (160/-).

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40x magnification to 1600x. Prismatic head tube = 30 degrees with a 360 degrees rotation. Eyepieces Huygens 10x field 18mm and 16mm, sub-field 11x. Reversed turret nose with 4 objectives. Beveled stage with dovetail orthogonal displacement, lowered right grip and clamp + adjustable end-stop height. Abbe condenser with 2 lenses O.N. 1.25, adjustable in height by rack rail and screws + springs for centering, with diaphragm iris, filter. Macro and micro focus. Halogen lighting 6V 20W G4 variable intensity , 220V 50Hz fuse 250V 500mA.

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