Climate chambers

Climate chambers

Climate chambers with precise control of temperature and humidity.

Incubator humidity HWS Series
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Incubator temperature and humidity constant HWS Series. Volume: 70 L (HWS-70B), 150 L (HWS-150B) and 250 L (HWS-250B). Forced ventilation. Temperature range: with humidity 10 to 65 ∫ C; humidity 0 to 65ºC. Resolution 0.1 ºC. Stability: high temperature ± 0.5 ºC; low-temperature ± 1ºC. Uniformity ± 1ºC. Humidifier ultrasonic manual. Range humidity 45% - 95%. Stability humidity ± 5% RH. Stainless steel. Antiescarcha. Control automatic humidity/temperature. Timer 0-99,9 h/cycle. Control over temperature. Automatic recovery after cutting. Interior light. Not CFC.

Optional: sterilization by UV light, printer, RS485, alarm, SMS, wireless, USB, data storage, touch screen.

The price shown is for the model 70 L (HWS-70B). For other models, use the drop-down.