Used instruments

Atomic absorption/ICPs

In this section we have all types of Atomic Absorption...

Stirrers and Vortex

Magnetic stirrers with heating and without heating,...

Water analysis and...

In this category you will find all the lab equipment you...

Food Analysis

In this category you can find reconditioned instruments...


Refurbished Autoclaves In this category you can...


Used analytical and precision balances for your lab....


Incubation baths with or without agitation, cooled...

Cabinets and fume hoods

In this category we sell laminar flow cabinets...

Climate and...

Great variety of used climate and germination chambers...

Centrifuges and rotors

Purchase refurbished centrifuges, microfuges,...

Chromatography & MS

We offer a wide range of equipment for liquid...


Power supply for electrophoresis, buckets, systems,...

Eq. clinical analysis

Analyzers automatic biochemical, haematological,...


They are the equipment of spectroscopy of second-hand...

Incubators and Ovens

We buy and sell used laboratory incubators and ovens...


In this category we have a variety of second-hand which...

Cold and freezing

Fridges, freezers -20 ° c, cabinets -80 ° C, nitrogen...

CO2 incubators

We will inform you on details of the CO2 Incubators that...


We have readers for fluorescence, luminescence, ELISA,...


Used Microscopes We have microscopes from known...


In this category you will be able to buy muffle...


Here we offer you a list that you will find...

ph meters/Eq. measurement

In this category we offer a wide variety of equipment to...


In this section you will find a selection of other lab...


Choose the evaporator that best fits the needs of your...


In this category you will find teams of...

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 Hewlett-Packard GC 6890 Series

GC-FID HP 6890

Gas chromatograph Hewlett Packard 6890 Series. Detectors mounted FID and ECD. Injection system "split/splitless". Suitable for the detection...
Zeiss Axio Scope A1


Zeiss Axio Scope A1

Optical microscope Zeiss Axio Scope. Binocular. Objectives N-Achroplan: (10x/0,25; 20x/0,45; 40x/0,65). Ambient temperature (+5 to 40ºC)....
Delta Ohm HD 9214

Delta Ohm HD 9214

Temperature Sensor with rtd Delta Ohm. Memory dual. Screen digital LED indicating the indoor temperature (indoor) and exterior (outdoor)....
Hettich Mikro 220

Hettich Mikro 220

Centrifugal brand new MIKRO 220 microliter. Supports 60 tubes 2.0/1.5 ml per cycle. Maximum speed: 18,000 rpm. Density 1.2 kg/dm3. Temperature...
Biohit EPET 50-1200 µl
New product

Biohit ePET 50-1200 µl

Electronic micropipette BioHit ePET. brand new Volume: 50-1200 ul. One channel. Increase 10ul. Accuracy (+- 0.50%) self-Calibration,...


Haematological analyzer. 300 samples with histograms. Throughput 60 samples/h. 2 modes: whole Blood (50uL) with 17 parameters with 3-part...
Agilent 8453 (G1103A)

Agilent 8453 (G1103A)

Spectrophotometer UV/Vis Agilent 8453 (G1103A). Range wavelength from 190 to 1100 nm. Detector fotodiodoarray. Reading in less than 1 sec....


NEW BRUNSWICK Celligen Plus bioreactor. Includes S25-G-200X motor and vessel of 5 L. Range of temperature ambient +5 to 80 ºC. Range of...
Heidolph RZR 50 L

Heidolph RZR 50 L

€420.75 €495.00 -15%
Heidolph RZR 50 L stirrer . Volume max. stirring 25 L. Two speeds: from 45 to 300 l/min and from 300 to 2000 l/min. In its original box. Does...
Lonza 4D-Nucleofector System

Lonza 4D-Nucleofactor System

Electroporator Lonza 4D-Nucleofactor System. Formed by two modules: unit Core (control unit) and unit-X unit-transfection). Unit X performs...
Tray Miele O188/2

Tray Miele O188/2

Tray for termodesinfectadora Miele O188/2. New to brand new. Valid for models G 7883, G 7893, G 7883 CD, PG 8535 and PG 8536
Software Clarity chromatography
New product

Clarity Chromatography Software

Do you have a gas chromatograph (GC) or an HPLC but can't use it because you lack the software? Have you recovered from the fright when you asked...
Nanocolor 400 D

Nanocolor 400 D

Meter multi-parameter Nanocolor 400 D. wavelength of 340 to 860 nm. Bandwidth of 10-12 nm. Detector photodiode. LCD Display. Output RS 232....
Thermo Scientific Multidrop 832
New product

Thermo Scientific Multidrop 832

Dispenser microplate Thermo Scientific Multidrop 832. Microplates 96 and 384-well plates. Volume of 5 to 1.395 microl. Accuracy of 5 microl.
Leica UCT 125

Leica UCT 125

Ultramicrotomo Leica UCT 125. Manufacturing machine knives, table vibration, glass for the manufacture of blades, and support to make knives....

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