CO2 incubators

CO2 incubators

We will inform you on details of the CO2 Incubators that we have. Its specifications and properties. Pre-owned, at the best price with one year warranty and technical service.

Selecta Incubator CO2
7.850,00 €
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Incubator for culturing anaerobic cells Selecta Incubator CO2. Equipment from Outlet Select brand. Volume 205 L. Range Temperature from 25 to 50 ºC. Range CO2 0 to 20 %. Glass door internal. Constant humidity of 98 %. A digital reading. With trays.

Labotect C200
3.525,00 €
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CO2 incubator for in vitro fertilisation (IVF). Vol. 200 litres. Range temp. 27ºC - 47ºC. Door camera and heated. Range CO2 0 - 10%. Sensor CO2 inflarrojo double beam. Minimal contamination. Glass door, internal subdivided in 6 sections. Shelves adjustable. Alarm. Includes outer container to supply humidity, sterile. Manual.

Euroclone Safegrow 188
3.650,00 €
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Euroclone Safegrow 188 CO2 incubator. Volume 188 liters/ 140 liters of usable space. Direct heating. Precise and accurate temperature control. Range 10-50°C in 0.1 increments. Control ±0.1C. Accuracy ±0.1C. Uniformity – ± 0.3°C. Quick recovery – 5 minutes when a door has been open for 15 seconds. CO2 display in steps of 0.1%. IR sensor and controller technology.  Stainless steel. 27.5 mm access port. Large easy to read display, with fully programmable keypad. Alarms. User manual.

Nuarie NU-4500E
2.950,00 €
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Nuaire NU-4500E CO2 incubator. Volume 188 L. CO2 water-jacketed. CO2 range from 0 to 20%. Electronic temperature control from ambient +5 to 55 ºC. Stainless steel chamber and trays. Includes user manual. 

Sanyo MCO-17AI
Brand New
Sanyo MCO-17AI
2.750,00 €
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Sanyo MCO-17AI CO2 incubator. Capacity 164 Liter. Heating Method: Air jacket. Digital Display. Upper Limit Regulator. PID Temperature Control. Natural Evaporation Pan for Humidifying. On-Off Automatic Control. Inner door tempered glass. 3 shelves of stainless steel. Temperature and CO2 level alarms.